Ladies, find something that suits you!

ME.LAND offers you the best of quality, with respect for traditional craftsmanship. All our shoes are designed to combine comfort and style. Details, colors or materials, unique finishes: revise your classics with our feminine sneakers as timeless as they are unique.

They are much more than simple shoes. From the mix of inspirations, materials and colours emerges a daily behaviour. Our philosophy is simple : Stay on the tracks ? Follow the rules ? Why not. Provided that there is no way, one can erase his own character.

Having ME.LAND shoes means you can be sure that no matter your look and situations, dates, dinners or meetings, you will find the model that suits you.

Quality is a luxury that you can now afford!


    Recycled, Upcycled

    & qualitative materials

    and packaging


    Our craftsmen have golden hands working for your comfort


    Respecting our craftsmen


    Universe created and supported by a community of artists


In winter, bet with your eyes closed on our MEAKER, HEAKER or DEAKER.

In summer, the relay is provided by our 100% recycled and vegan models made from ocean plastic waste: VIVACE or EVAN depending on your style.

For an all year arround pair that throws as much in summer as in winter, bet on our must-have EVAN, a 100% recycled and vegan shoe made from ocean plastic waste. It is equally urban and cool.

Now that you have found the pair that you will never take off, it must be maintained. To do this, rely on our care advices  which details the procedure to follow material by material. And if in doubt, contact us!