About you

1 - Who are you?

ME.LAND is a brand created by Frédéric Robert in 2018. After almost 20 years in different French luxury houses, its ambition is to offer sneakers which are comfortable, chic, elegant, unique, fair, low-carbon and close to its customers. And why not change the course of shoe history?

2 - What are you doing?

ME.LAND creates sneakers that are comfortable, chic, elegant, unique, fair, low-carbon and close to its customers. It emerges a way of being in everyday life. The philosophy of this adventure is quite simple: Stay wise? Why not. However, no question of erasing his personality!

3 - Why are you doing this?

ME.LAND aims to support artistic creation. There are many talented and unknown artists. ME.LAND works with them for the production of its visuals, images and videos. ME.LAND is above all a community and the pleasure of working together.

4 - Where are your sneakers made?

The ME.LAND sneakers are designed in Montmartre in Paris and entirely manufactured in Portugal or Italy. They are made by expert craftsmen with golden hands in Feilgeiras (PT) or Civitanova Marche (IT) with quality materials sourced within a radius of 20 km around the factory.

5 - Where are they shipped from?

The pairs are stored in Paris and are dispatched by the ME.LAND team one by one.


    Recycled, Upcycled

    & qualitative materials

    and packaging


    Our craftsmen have golden hands working for your comfort


    Respecting our craftsmen


    Universe created and supported by a community of artists

Place an order

1 - What sizes are available?

Our sizes range starts from 35 up to 46. There is something for everyone.

2 - How can I be sure to order the right size?

It's simple, just use the size match table. And if an error occurs, we will be very happy to exchange the pair. No problem.

3 - Do I need to create an account to place an order?

It is imperative to fill in his details to allow us to send the order and ensure a smooth delivery.

4 - My pair is not in stock, when will it be back?

If a pair is no longer in stock, just send us an email at [email protected] and we can tell you if it should come back and when. As we are working by seasons, it is possible that a pair that is no longer in stock will not return ... But it will be replaced by others even more beautiful!

5 - I spotted a pair but I can't find it on the site, where can I find it?

All the pairs currently available are visible on the site or the one of our resellers. If after searching everywhere the pair is not available, just send us an email at [email protected] and we can tell you what can be done.

6 - Can I cancel or modify my order?

As long as the pair has not been shipped, it is possible to modify (address or product) or cancel the order. Nothing could be simpler, just send us an email at [email protected] so that we can make the requested changes.


Payment and security

1 - What are the accepted payment methods?

We offer three payment methods:

- By Credit card: Visa, Credit card, Mastercard, American Express

- By Paypal

- By Amazon Pay 


2 - Is the use of my credit card online on the site secure?

Our site is equipped with the best secure and most used payment system in the world today Stripe. It is also https (secure hypertext transfer protocol) as it can be seen in the site URL. All payments are validated by your bank and certifies the identity of the payer and the seller. 

3 - I validated my order but I did not receive any confirmation, should I worry?

If the order is validated, a confirmation is sent. This may take a few minutes.If the email is not received, it is necessary to check in spam or that the email address has been filled in correctly.Anyway, if you have any doubt, just send us an email at [email protected] so that we can do the requested checks.

4 - How much customs fees and taxes will I have to pay?

No additional tax is payable for orders placed in the European Union and Switzerland. For the rest of the world, taxes may apply depending on the customs policies of each country. 

5 - In what currency did my purchase go?

Prices are displayed in euros and the purchase is made in euros.Any currency conversion costs are the responsibility of the buyer. 

6 - When will I be debited from the amount of my order?

Payment for the order is immediate after validation of the order. The amount is debited from the payment method within 24 to 48 hours. 

7 - Why was my card rejected during payment?

In most cases, the reject comes from the bank which refuses payment. Just contact your bank to find out more. If necessary, you can send us an email at [email protected] so that we can also do our research to understand the reasons for this reject.


Shipping & delivery

1 - What are the shipping times?

ME.LAND is a very small team. We have chosen not to subcontract the preparation of orders. Each order will therefore be prepared and dispatched within 6 to 12 working days by one of our members. A shipping email with carrier details and a tracking link will be sent during order preparation. 

2 - What are the delivery times and cost?

ME.LAND delivers worldwide.Free shipping is available throughout Europe. Delivery within 6 to 12 days depending on the destination. 

For countries outside Europe, ME.LAND requests a fixed price of 40 euros for delivery. This is an expensive amount, and we are working to reduce it as soon as possible. However, this does not cover the entire cost which is shared between ME.LAND and the buyer. The delivery will be ensured and made by a recognized forwarder.

3 - I have a problem with the delivery of my package, what can I do?

Contact us at [email protected] to find a quick solution to receive ME.LAND as soon as possible. 

4 - Is my package insured?

Yes, we insure all packages we ship. We guarantee delivery of the product in good condition. We have never had a problem yet.If the package is ever lost, we will reship a pair and deal with the carrier ourselves for the loss.If you notice that the pair was damaged during transport, please contact us, we will exchange the pair and also deal with the carrier ourselves. 

5 - Can I have an invoice?

Absolutely. It is at the time of preparation that we issue the invoices. We put a copy in the box that will be sent to you. If you wish it in elctronic format, send us an email to [email protected] with your order number. We will send you with the requested invoice.


Exchanges & returns

1 - Are exchanges and returns offered?

Exchanges and returns are free throughout Europe.

2 - My ME.LAND are too small / too large, what should I do?

We will be very happy to exchange the pair. No problem.

Simply send us an email at [email protected] so that we can proceed with the requested exchange by sending you a return slip. Once the pair has been received, we will send you the correct size.

3 - How to exchange or return?

Just send us an email at [email protected] so that we can proceed with the requested  exchange or return. Once the pair has been received, we can exchange or refund the pair.

4 - What is the withdrawal period?

The withdrawal period is 14 working days to return the pair to us. Just send us an email at [email protected] so that we can proceed with the exchange or return or refund requested.

5 - What are the average times for an exchange?

Upon receipt of your email, we will send you a return slip and upon receipt we will send the new pair. It should take ten days. But we’ve never had a return to date.

6 - How does the reimbursement work?

Upon receipt of your return and after verification of the pair, we will refund. It will be credited to your account within 3 to 10 days depending on the operator.

7 - Can I return my ME.LAND to one of your resellers?

For any pair purchased online, it is not possible to return them to one of our resellers. For a pair purchased in store or on another online platform, we invite you to ask them directly for their return policy.

8 - I have received my ME.LAND but they have a defect, what should I do?

Each pair is checked out of the workshop by Sergio and Manuel, our quality controllers. The member of our team who prepares your order checks the pair that we are shipping to you. We prefer not to send it to you rather than send you a product with a defect.

We have never had returns, but if that were to happen, we would be happy to exchange your pair. You can contact us by sending an email to [email protected].

How can I follow you?

1 - Are you on social networks?

ME.LAND is a big family on social networks! To join us :

- Instagram: @meland_officiel #melandsneakers

- Facebook: Official

And feel free to repost any of our content mentionning us.

2 - Do you have a newsletter to follow the latest news?

Of course, a newsletter exists to inform you of the latest information, favorites, sales and private sales. Do not forget to subscribe. You will find the form in the menu at the bottom of the page.


Your commitments

1 - Where are ME.LAND manufactured?

ME.LAND are designed in Montmartre in Paris and entirely manufactured in Portugal or Italy. They are made by expert craftsmen with golden hands in Feilgeiras (PT) or Civitanova Marche (IT) with qualitative materials sourced within a radius of 20km around the factory.

2 -What are the working conditions of your subcontractors?

Our workshops are located in Europe. The laws of the European community guarantee us decent working conditions at our suppliers. But for us it’s not enough. We made sure that the Italian or Portuguese craftsmen who work for us are paid a fair price because without their know-how we would not exist. We have signed a charter with our suppliers to ban child labor, maintain a living wage and ensure working comfort in the workplace. An essential action to guarantee a quality product.

3 - What is your commitment ?

From the begining, we are committed.

Committed to our craftsmen by checking their working conditions and remuneration. Because without their know-how we would not exist.

Also committed to limiting our carbon footprint. We work with materials sourced within 20 kms of the factory, rather than bringing them in from Italy or the other side of the world. The lightness of our shoes is also a very good sign of respect. Above all made for comfort, this lightness contributes to a lower carbon emission during the transport of goods.

We didn't stop there! because all our materials now come from waste. That's right, why re-produce what already exists?

- All leathers come from food industry waste. We have ensured responsibility for our sources of supply as no animal should be killed for its skin or fur.

- All our nylons, whether technical, neoprene, lining, coating or woven, come from the recycling of ocean plastics. They are certified © SEAQUAL INTIATIVE.

SEAQUAL organization promotes a reduction in overfishing by compensating for the loss of income of fishermen by recycling fishing for plastic waste in the oceans. The waste is then recycled into thread or coating. We use them in all possible forms. The SEAQUAL label is not only a quality label, but it also makes it possible to trace all the fibres used from the fisherman, to the finished product. All steps are recorded under a unique number for complete transparency.

SEAQUAL is above all a community serving our planet and our oceans.

- Our latest Vivace sole is also a fine example of responsible commitment, since we use off-cuts from rubber production from other soles mixed with crumbs from plastic caps.

Let’s not forget our packaging, which is also totally recycled: cardboard for boxes or cards and cotton for pouches.

At ME.LAND, we are happy to offer fair trade, eco responsible and committed products.


For more queries, do not hesitate to contact us : Clic here



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