ME.LAND is a French footwear label for ladies and men. It is great adventure launched in 2018 with the ambition to offer a sneaker which is unisex, alternative, comfortable, unique, responsible and low-carbon.


All our materials come from waste. That's right, why re-produce what already exists?

- All leathers come from food industry waste. We have ensured responsibility for our sources of supply as no animal should be killed for its skin or fur.

- All our nylons, whether technical, neoprene, lining, coating or woven, come from the recycling of ocean plastics. They are certified © SEAQUAL INTIATIVE.

SEAQUAL organization promotes a reduction in overfishing by compensating for the loss of income of fishermen by recycling fishing for plastic waste in the oceans. The waste is then recycled into thread or coating. We use them in all possible forms. The SEAQUAL label is not only a quality label, but it also makes it possible to trace all the fibres used from the fisherman, to the finished product. All steps are recorded under a unique number for complete transparency.

SEAQUAL is above all a community serving our planet and our oceans.

- Our latest soles are also a fine example of responsible commitment, since we use off-cuts from rubber production from other soles mixed with crumbs from plastic caps.

- Let’s not forget our packaging, which is also totally recycled: cardboard for boxes or cards and cotton for pouches.

ME.LAND is registered with LEKO UNI: FR249018_01BOJO and REFASHION UIN : FR249018_11AUEJ . These unique identifiers numbers prove ME.LAND follow the Anti-Waste law for a Circular Economy (AGEC) with the objective to finance the waste reduction and management.




Committed to limiting our carbon footprint. We work with materials sourced within 20 kms of the factory, rather than bringing them in from Italy or the other side of the world. 

The lightness of our shoes is also a very good sign of respect. Above all made for comfort, this lightness contributes to a lower carbon emission during the transport of goods.



We design the shoes in Montmartre in Paris and we manufacture in Italy or Portugal.

Our sneakers are made by expert craftsmen with golden hands in Feilgeiras (PT) or Civitanova Marche (IT). Each hand is chosen for a purpose and any gesture is made only for comfort.

Our craftsmen are paid a fair price. We have checked their working conditions and remuneration. Because without their know-how we would not exist.



ME.LAND offers a universe created and supported by a community of French artists: singers, musicians, video makers, street artists, actors, photographers...

We will always be stronger together. 



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