1 - What are the accepted payment methods?

We offer three payment methods:

- by Credit card: Visa, Credit card, Mastercard, American Express

- by Paypal

- by Amazon Pay

2 - Is the use of my credit card online on the meladofficiel.com site secure?

Our site is equipped with the best secure and most used payment system in the world today Stripe.

It is also https (secure hypertext transfer protocol) as it can be seen in the site URL. All payments are validated by your bank and certifies the identity of the payer and the seller.

3 - In what currency did my purchase go?

Prices are displayed in euros and the purchase is made in euros.Any currency conversion costs are the responsibility of the buyer.

4 - When will I be debited from the amount of my order?

Payment for the order is immediate after validation of the order. The amount is debited from the payment method within 24 to 48 hours.