The inspiration for this collection comes from of the 17th century. Caravaggio in Italy or Georges de La Tour in France. They have revolutionized painting in a striking way with the technique of chiaroscuro. They have abandoned the overload of colors to focus on the world of men. A true talk refocused on the subject. An obvious inspiration for ME.LAND who defends the right to comfort and style for all.

For this collection, ME.LAND asked several artists from the French music scene to be the image of the collection. We did not want to erase or get the property their characters, each of them has taken the pose with his/her own look and have chosen the shoes they preferred : Abel Cheret, The Rodeo, Orfeu Rei, Adrienne Pauly, Rosy Teixera, Dam, Agnes Bonfillon.

The shooting was carried out at the Jean-Jacques Henner National Museum.

Photo credit : Gilles Crampes / video : Chloé Robineau.

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