ME.LAND is inspired by good men with a rebel heart ! The collection revisits the essentials with an incredible light weight and a mix of inspirations, materials and colors.

The shoes are designed in Montmatre in Paris and are manufactured in Italy in a family factory making shoes combining handmade carftmanship quality and respect of today client expectations. the shape and comfort of your shoes result from the combination of years of development and design from the designer and respect of the hand-crafted traditons.

Artwork by Marie de Lignerolles

Dior, Kenzo, Lanvin, Hermes… Frederic Robert could have continued working with such prestigious Parisian fashion houses, but he decided to fulfill a dream. His dream. Launching his own collection. It is not an accident that “ME.LAND” are shoes designed for men of today.

The young designer is part of them. He “walks” with desire and passion. He walks a lot by the way, both literally and figuratively.


The artist draws his inspirations from his extensive professional knowledge and vast experience, his numerous travels and his daily life in Montmartre, Paris.


It is true that his footwear reflects his character but like all well made shoes, each man can agree with them and find his own one. The Italian craftsman know-how contributes to make each pair one of a kind.


Finally, the philosophy of this adventure is quite simple : Stay on the tracks ? Following the rules ? Why not. Provided that there is no way, one can erase his own character, even in his professional environment. A crucial and subtle balance. is much more than simple shoes. From the mix of colours and materials emerges a daily behaviour. A way to make one own route. With comfort and elegance.

Credit KFStudio157